Best Conversation Topics To Talk About

By | 04/09/2017

Best Conversation Topics to Talk about: We have all been in that situation when we are left alone with some unknown or known people and just don’t know how to start a conversation with them. In interview rooms, family gatherings, or while traveling, we all wish for a person to suggest us a topic.

So let’s explore some topics to talk about when you fall prey of these awkward social situations:

Topics to Talk about & get the conversation started:

To get away from boredom and awkwardness, it’s best that we start conversing with our fellow people.  You would always find at least some common grounds amongst both of you. And once you find it, keep talking about it for some time and then branch up to other related topics.

Best Conversation Topics To Talk About

Best Conversation Topics To Talk About

Pose questions on their present situation:

The best way to start a conversation is to form questions on other person’s current situation.  Remember these questions would be different from time to time depending on your location and reason of being there.

So for example, if you are waiting at a bus stop, you could ask for which bus are they waiting and where are they heading to.

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Compliment their clothes or shoes:

If ever you want to start a conversation with someone, you can start by making them feel good, so compliment. You may complement their attire or the way they are wearing it. And then you could move on to ask from where they bought it etc.

Newspaper stories

One could always start a conversation on some highlighted recent event and you could ask the other person about the view on that piece of news.

You could always find a common sport and ask him about his favorite team and what does he think about a certain match of that team etc.

Best Conversation Topics To Talk About

Best Conversation Topics To Talk About

Work and residence

This is another classic way of starting a conversation and would definitely get a conversation started. ask the other person about what they do for a living and then you can continue by talking about a friend of yours who works in the same field

Or you could also ask the person that which locality does he live in and what are the good things about his or her area. a person would always open up if he is comfortable with your questions.

Topics to explore someone’s personality

Generally, most of the people love talking about themselves and they love to share their interest and disinterests with others. So in case you have moved on from general questions, you could always make an attempt to know someone as a person by asking following questions for Best Conversation Topics To Talk About

Their taste in movies or music

You would hardly find a person who is not interested in watching movies or listening to music. ask them their preferences and discuss their favorite artists.

Hobbies and interests

Everybody has hobbies and everyone loves to discuss their interests. You can initiate the conversation by asking him about his hobbies, when did he start doing them or do they even do it now etc.

Food and travel

Eating food is something that all of us have in common. Take the advantage of this common feature and ask the stranger about his favorite cuisine, and how many places has he visited to try various cuisines, you could also ask him if he/she cooks etc

About children

Well, though this topic is another interesting start it would only work if both of you have children. You can get involved in discussing your kid’s habits, various child problems or how does he/she feel about being a parent.

These topics would definitely give a strong starting to your conversation. Just remember that whenever you are trying to make a conversation, look interested and maintain eye contact. Apart from that, avoid giving one-word answers and give longer answers to have the possibility of branching up to next topic. these are some of the best Best Conversation Topics To Talk About.

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