300+ Best Conversation Starters Ever

By | 08/04/2017

Best Conversation Starters: Conversation starters carry a lot of weight as they are a part of the first impression you make on the person.  It is not at all difficult to start a conversation with anyone and keep the person engaged in you. If you know the right conversation starters it is very easy to make new friends anywhere and everywhere you go. The location where you meet the person also matters. If you are texting then there are a lot of things you can start the conversation with. Let us have a look at some of the best conversation starters which will help you in making better conversations.

Best Conversation Starters

Best Conversation Starters

Best Conversation Starters are Listed Below:

Hi! What’s up?

However cliché this may sound, it always works and people do get a reply for this. This phrase has kind of become an official phrase to let people know that you are interested in having a conversation with them. Thus a casual Hi! What’s up? Will definitely break the ice and you can start talking eventually. This simple phrase has led to great friendships.


Weather Talk

Talking about the weather is probably the best conversation starter. The weather, however, it is the best option to talk with. The weather whether good or bad can be a great conversation topic. You can always pass a comment on the weather and start a good conversation. A casual comment on the weather like “Nice Weather!” or “It’s such a bad weather” can be a real conversation.

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Have I seen you somewhere?

If you are interested in someone you just need to approach that person and say “Have I seen you somewhere?’’  This will definitely make the person think about you and be intrigued about who you are. This question will definitely lead to a great conversation ahead and you will end up being friends with that person.


What is your favorite TV show?

This question is a very casual question where you can strike a conversation comfortably as TV shows are the best medium to bond with people. If you don’t share the same favorite TV show or even if you don’t know the TV show you can always continue the conversation asking about the same. TV shows is a topic which people genuinely enjoy talking. Thus this can lead to a great conversation.

Friends are very easy to make and the first conversation is sure memorable. Thus use some of these best conversation starters and make a great memory with your prospective friends.

Best Conversation Starters:

Have you ever saved an animal’s life? How about a person’s life?

If you opened a business, what kind of business would it be?

Are you a very organized person?

Have you ever spoke in front of a large group of people? How did it go?

What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

What is a controversial opinion you have?

Who in your life brings you the most joy?

 Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become?

What is the most annoying habit someone can have?

Where is the most beautiful place you have been?

Where do you spend most of your free time / day?

Who was your best friend in elementary school?

How often do you stay up past 3 a.m.?

What do you know about the history of some holidays?

Another fun thing you can do is talk about holiday-related trivia and facts. Here are some Christmas trivia questions, Halloween trivia questions, and some Thanksgiving trivia questions.

What are some good and bad things about the education system in your country?

What do you think of online education?

How can governments make education more efficient?

What do you think of standardized tests?

How can technology improve education? Can it hurt education?

Are bigger or small schools better?

Is teaching a skill that can be taught?

What will the future of education be?

What do you think of homeschooling?

How has the education you received changed your life?

What or who has taught you most of the information you use on a regular basis?

What is your favorite food?

Do you like spicy food? Why or why not? What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

What foods do you absolutely hate?

What food do you know you shouldn’t eat but can’t help yourself?

Does government have a place in regulating food? To what extent should government regulate food?

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Which is more important, a great car or a great house? Why?

What animal or insect do you wish humans could eradicate?

Best Conversation Starters

Best Conversation Starters

Where is the most beautiful place near where you live?

What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

How much time do you spend on the internet? What do you usually do?

What is the most disgusting habit some people have?

Where and when was the most amazing sunset you have ever seen?

Which recent news story is the most interesting?

Where is the worst place you have been stuck for a long time?

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be?

What is something that really annoys you but doesn’t bother most people?

What word or saying from the past do you think should come back?

How should success be measured? By that measurement, who is the most successful person you know?

What is your guilty pleasure?

Was there ever an event in your life that defied explanation?

If you could learn the answer to one question about your future, what would the question be?

Has anyone ever saved your life?

What benefit do you bring to the group when you hang out with friends?

How often do you curse?

What trends did you follow when you were younger?

What do you fear is hiding in the dark?

What was the best time period of your life? What do you think will be the best time period of your entire life?

 What do you do to improve your mood when you are in a bad mood?

What is the silliest fear you have?

What are some things you want to accomplish before you die?

What is the best room in your house? Why?

Who is someone who is popular now that you really like? Why do you like them so much?

Where is the best place to take a date?

What smell brings back great memories?

How often do you help others? Who do you help? How do you help?

What are you best at?

What makes you nervous?

Who, besides your parents, had the biggest impact on your life?

What weird or useless talent do you have?

What was the last funny video you saw?

What do you do to get rid of stress?

What is something you are obsessed with?

Who is your favorite entertainer (comedian, musician, actor, etc.)?

What’s your favorite way to waste time?

Do you have any pets? What are their names?

Where did you go last weekend? What did you do?

What are you going to do this weekend?

What is something that is popular now that annoys you?

What did you do on your last vacation?

What was the last time you worked incredibly hard?

Are you very active of do you prefer to just relax in your free time?

What do you do when you hang out with your friends?

Who is your oldest friend? Where did you meet them?

What’s the best / worst thing about your work or school?

If you had intro music, what song would it be? Why?

What were you really into when you were a kid?

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?

What three words best describe you?

What would be your perfect weekend?

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any?

What’s your favorite number? Why?

What’s the most useful thing you own?


What are some strange beliefs that some people have?

Who would be the worst person to be stuck in an elevator with? How about the best person to be stuck in an elevator with?

What’s the funniest TV series you have seen?

Which TV show do you want your life to be like?

If you could bring back one TV show that was cancelled, which one would you bring back?

How have TV shows changed over the years?

What’s the best sitcom past or present?

What’s the best show currently on TV?

What do you think about game shows? Do you have a favorite one?

What’s the most underrated or overrated TV show?

Best Conversation Starters

Best Conversation Starters

What do you think about reality TV? Why is it so popular?

Do you like reality TV shows? Why or why not? If so, which ones?

What will be the future of TV shows?

What was the best birthday wish or gift you’ve ever received?

How often do you binge watch shows?

What cartoons did you watch as a child?

What was the last movie you watched? How was it?

 Do you prefer to watch movies in the theater or in the comfort of your own home?

What’s the worst movie you have seen recently?

What’s the strangest movie you have ever seen?

What is the most overrated movie?

What’s your favorite genre of movie?

What movie scene choked you up the most?

Do you like documentaries? Why / why not?

When was the last time you went to a movie theater?

Do movies have the same power as books to change the world?

Which do you prefer? Books or movies?

Do you like horror movies? Why or why not?

What was the last book you read?

What book has had the biggest impact on your life?

What was your favorite book as a child?

Do you prefer physical books or ebooks?

What is the longest book you have read?

What was the worst book you had to read for school? How about the best book you had to read for school?

What book genres do you like to read?

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction books?

What book has influenced you the most?

What book has had the biggest effect on the modern world?

Do you think people read more or less books now than 50 years ago?

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