Funny Questions to Ask a Guy By Girl

By | 12/08/2017

Funny Questions to Ask a Guy: The relationship is all about communication which helps the people to get closer and share their views always with a healthy conversation. The relationships can also be boring when the two persons don’t communicate well. Asking the proper questions make the conversation good and you need to find the correct questions to be asked. If you are searching for the funny questions to ask a guy then you need to make time to read this article. In this article, we are going to list out the best funny questions to ask a guy or a girl so that you can have the best conversations with your partner. It will be fun asking the silly or funny questions your partner which will help you to build the strong bondage between the hearts.

Funny Questions to Ask a Guy:

asking Funny Questions to ask a Guy is very simple. This post is dedicated to the questions to ask a guy or girl as we are going to categorize questions into multiple categories. This categorization will be according to the relationship or type of mood like funny, dirty, personal etc. In the background of every section, we mainly focus on good true questions. So that you can make use of these questions to make the fun conversation with your partner. Below, we are listing the top best funny questions to ask a guy.


funny questions to ask a guy

These are the best Funny Questions to ask a Guy:

1. What would you do if you could be invisible for one whole day?

This is the best question to ask a guy in order to start the funny conversation. The answers will definitely make you smile and you will get entertained with this question for sure.

2. What is your favorite Joke?

You need to pass this question to any girl in order to get the funniest answers which make the conversation very pleasure. Even the joke is not actually fun, you need to make it funnier as to get the attention of the concerned person. Always try to crack the joke while communicating which will add the happiness to your conversation.

3. If you could be a woman for one day, what would you do in that day’s time?

This is one of the best funny questions ever asked any guy as you get the hilarious answers in response. We can say that this is the question which grabs the attention of any guy as they would love to give the funny answers.

4. Do you think you are attractive?

Although there is nothing fun in this question, still you can get the funniest answers from the people which will make you smile. You can check how much the person is confident about himself by asking this question. This question includes the fun along with the ideology of the particular person.

5. Can you describe yourself with three words?

This question is majorly passed to the guys from the girls as they would love to know how the guys are looking them. If the guy passes the answer like Charming, Awesome and Sexy then the girl will definitely love to hear those words always.

These are the best funny questions you can ask a Guy Thanks for reading the article Funny Questions to ask a Guy. Hope, you liked it.

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