17 Best Questions to Ask Your Crush

By | 11/08/2017

Hello, friends. Today, we are going discuss Questions to Ask your Crush in this article in detail. When it comes to crush, you always try to impress as to pay the attention and we have been watching it for a long time. For all those people this article gonna help as we will tell you the proper way to impress your crush.  Most of the times, people think that the flirting must be straight forward. But, there are some other tips which will lead you to the correct path to flirt your beloved one. Finding the connection with your crush will be easy if you follow these tips properly.Here are few best questions to ask your girl


Always, communication plays a major role to build any relationship which might be any relation. Asking the correct questions while texting or talking directly helps any person to grab the attention of any person. Here, we will let you know what the questions are o be asked your crush to make him or her show interest in you. Remember one thing always the flirting should be easy and subtle.

Best Questions To Ask Your Crush

By asking the routine boring questions, you can’t flirt your crush. You need to work out on it for many times as to know the questions that are to asked and prepare a list. For your assistance, we have a done a small research and shortened some questions. So, the candidates who have been searching for the question to ask your crush can make use of this tutorial.

1. What’s your idea of the perfect date?

This is the first and best question to start any relationship perfectly as it makes your crush to feel that you are interested in him or her. You can simply share your views regarding dating to impress and finally decide to go out.

2. What do you look for in a girl?

Always, girls show interest to know that you are meeting their expectations by asking these type of questions. This question is important in two ways. One is to know whether you are his or her type. And the second one is to let your crush know that you are curious whether you are matched for him or her.


3. What did you think about me when we meet for the first time?

This is one of the most important questions which will surely wonder with the answers passed from your crush. It will help you to know how your crush felt when you see her or him for the first time. This question shows that your crush opinion matters to you and you are definitely curious what he or she thinks about you.

4. What is your biggest turn on?

This is another incredibly flirting question to ask your crush which will let your crush know that you are interested in him or her. Try to keep on asking this question as to get the answers. Also, preserves those answers as those helps you in the future meetings or date. These are the most important questions to ask your crush which will make your relationship long last and strong.

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