100+ Truth or Dare questions To Make Your Party Wild and Crazy

By | 08/01/2017

Truth or dare is a popular challenging game that is commonly played in a group. The game is an amazing icebreaker for your party and offers you a chance to know your friends in a better way. The game offers great fun and is a great choice for every party. In this game we can either ask questions to the player or can dare him any activity. Making choice of proper questions is really important to make this game interesting. If you don’t make the right choices it may get boring for the players.So here are some best truth or dare questions


Truth and dare question ideas

When you are planning to play the game truth and dare try to figure out what kind of questions you are willing to ask. You have to be very particular about asking questions as wrong questions can embarrass your guests. Following are the few harmless questions that will bring laughter in your party.

Relationship questions

These type of questions can really bring fun in your game as it can expose many secretes.

Who was your first crush?

Who is your current crush?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Do your really love your current partner?

Have you ever cheated on him or her?

How many people you have dated before?

Which was the best moment of your date?

What was one of the most awkward moments you had on your date?

Will you ever marry with the person you are dating?

Who had the most beautiful eyes?

Did you ever get caught by your parents when you were on a date?

Friendship questions

Who is your best friend?

Who is the one in your circle whom you dislike the most?

Have you ever gossiped about your friend behind his back?

Who is that friend with whom you want to go on a date?

Have you ever cheated your friend?

What qualities make you end up the friendship with a person?

How many best friends you have?

Have you ever put your friend into a problem?

Who is your secret box?

Have you ever opened the secrets of your friend?

If you and your best friend fall for the same girl then what will you do?

What makes someone your best friend?

Embarrassing questions

Which was your epic embracement?

Explain your date fail.

Have you ever lied while playing truth and dare?

Is there anyone from us you ever had a crush on?

Your biggest physical flaw

Have you ever stolen anything?

What kind of pajamas you were while sleeping?

Your biggest nightmare

The moment where you looked really dumb?

Your most embarrassing blunder

The strangest activity you have done?

What color underwear you are wearing?

Did any of your date slap you?

Have you ever talked rubbish things in front of your parents after drinking?

Have you ever cheated in school exams?

Your one fashion blunder

What was your make up fail?

Have you ever peed in the swimming pool?

Do you tell the false price of the products you wear?


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